Stories of Resilience

Northern Rockies Fitness

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Meet Jocelyn – an outdoor enthusiast who thrives on exciting others about enjoying the great outdoors. Originally from Fort Nelson, she began her business journey four years ago as a personal trainer. Northern Rockies Fitness has evolved to an experience like no other, offering hiking retreats to the highest points of northern BC with spectacular sights and personal reflections along the journey.  These excursions are designed to inspire clients to get outside, realize their personal abilities in enjoying the beautiful backcountry, and learning some survival tips along the way needed ensure their safety while venturing through parts of our province that have been visited by very few humans.

With this being said, Jocelyn has felt the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, but in an unexpected way. While the trips were booked up leading up to the pandemic, Northern Rockies Fitness saw minimal cancellations and saw inquiries from a wider BC audience than they historically had attracted.. Jocelyn believes that this is because people simply just wanted to get outside!  While this was not the business’s most profitable season, there was increase in demand for people wanting to travel to remote parts of British Columbia, jumping at the opportunity to explore their own backyards and enjoy the great outdoors.  This increased demand for remote excursions made the border closures less of an issue for their bottom line.

The Northern BC Tourism Resiliency Program continues to be a helping hand to Jocelyn, helping her understand how to navigate the new challenges for her business in terms of expanding, marketing to a wider audience, and navigating some of the challenges with permitting process. “Everyone from the program has been so helpful every step of the way.” Adding, “The more people you have on your team, the more successful you will be!”  She credits the contacts with program staff for keeping her moving forward on the business planning aspects of her operation, helping her navigate the challenges as they arise and working to connect her with the resources she needs to be successful in reaching her business goals.

When asked what success looks like for her business now and into the future, Jocelyn says that her mission is to provide an unforgettable wilderness experience for all of their clients. “I have created these excursions in northern BC to inspire people to enjoy the mountains the best way I know how in the Northern Rockies. I know that the money will come because our clients’ happiness is the focus of this company.” Looking into the future, Jocelyn hopes to continue providing experiences for all levels, beginner to advanced, by holding 1 retreat per month and team up with other tourism operators to expand BC wide!

“Every mountaintop is within reach if you just keep climbing” – Northern Rockies Fitness