Storytelling has long been ingrained in human communication, serving as a potent tool to forge emotional connections. In the tourism sector, it’s not just about sharing tales; it’s about authentically showcasing values and commitment to sustainability. With 76% of travellers seeking eco-conscious options, sustainability storytelling has become a pivotal marketing trend. As travellers increasingly prioritize sustainable practices, tourism operators can leverage storytelling to captivate audiences at every stage of the travel journey. From dreaming to experiencing and sharing, weaving sustainability narratives into marketing packages can resonate deeply with travellers. 

Furthermore, tapping into emotional connections and engaging local Indigenous communities enriches the narrative, fostering a profound sense of place and respect for ancestral lands. Sustainable storytelling isn’t just about captivating; it’s about connecting, inspiring, and honouring the diverse voices and values within communities.

The BC Tourism Sustainability Network guide to sustainable storytelling in tourism covers several topics, including: 

  • The importance of storytelling in tourism
  • The demand for sustainable tourism providers
  • Crafting the story of your sustainability journey
  • Marketing your efforts
  • Sustainability storytelling in action
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Adams River, near Shuswap Lake.

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